Valentine’s Day Getaways

Whether you are looking for peace and quiet or head banging fun, the sky’s the limit if you start planning for your Valentine’s Day getaway now. I’ve done some research on the top spots and Valentine’s Day planning and compiled it here for you. I’ve included the best and the most wallet-friendly spots depending on how extravagant you want to get.

Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day

Everything Valentine’s!

STEP ONE: Plan the event!

How to Plan a Cheap Romantic Getaway

How to Surprise a Man with a Weekend Getaway

How to Plan a Surprise Romantic Getaway

How to Give your Partner a Romantic Surprise

Planning a Surprise Getaway

Valentine’s Day Party Themes

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Plan Ahead for the Perfect Valentine’s Day

Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day

How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Getaway

Plan a Valentine’s Day Trip

STEP TWO: Choose your romantic spot!

5 Most Romantic Places for Valentine’s Day

Favorite Valentine’s Day Getaways

Wallet-Friendly Valentine Getaways

Top 10 Romantic Destinations

Valentine’s Day Getaways

Romantic Getaways

Top 20 Romantic Getaways in the U.S.

10 Romantic Trips for Valentine’s Day

STEP THREE: Choose the right gift!

Perfect Gifts for Her

Perfect Gifts for Him


Valentine’s Day Bestsellers

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Vermont Teddy Bears

STEP FOUR: What to do? (Yeah, besides THAT!)

Cute Things to do on Valentine’s Day

Spoil Your Sweetheart

Well, I’ve given you enough ideas and starting plans that you should have no trouble at all planning the perfect getaway for Valentine’s Day for you and your sweetheart. If you have other ideas, why don’t you make a comment and leave a tip!?!


Out with the Old & In with the New!

What were some of the worst talked about travel debacles? Smarter Travel has the answer right here.

12 Most Ridiculous Travel Moments in 2011

Smarter Travel also looks at the top destinations for 2012.

Destinations to Watch in 2012


A Look Back at 2011 Travel

I’ve gathered some links from around the world wide web to show some of how travel has changed for the good and the bad during 2011.

Smarter Travels Thoughts

Twittweb Thoughts

Fare Compare Thoughts

What was it for you that was great or awful about 2011 Travel and what are you looking or NOT looking forward to in 2012?

For me, the airlines and TSA are far away from putting together a proper set of Passengers’ Rights. We are not cattle. We are not just a “shipment number.” We are human beings, and I think it’s time to bring more humane treatment back into our TSA and airline behavior.

And, please, do away with all the greed. If I ever get on a plane that requires me to PAY before I PEE, I’ll start driving to my destinations.

I don’t care how long it takes me to get there. The scenery’s better on the ground anyway.

Can I roll over a week?

A lot of you are either rushing to take your last vacation days before you lose them, or you’re begging your boss to find a way to let you roll over some days, even a week or more. Why don’t we take vacation more often? It’s not like we’re not entitled to it. Other countries, it’s mandatory to take a certain amount of time off from work. But, us in the United States seem to take pride in saying, “Gosh, I can’t remember when the last time I took a vacation.” It’s not a badge of pride. It’s a sign that we are too obsessed with work and too insecure to let go and let someone else take over while you are gone. Many people have that “The Place Will Fall Apart Without Me” mantra floating through their head when they think about taking a vacation.

Doubtful. Highly Doubtful.

It’s not job security to have perfect attendance for 365 days and a nervous breakdown as your “gold watch.” Take the time. Even if you can’t afford a lavish vacation, consider taking time to explore your local area. If you can, take the back roads and side roads someday when you have a free moment. See what’s on the other side of your life window. Take time to take care of yourself.

Vacations are healthy. We all know it’s more mental than anything else, but taking vacation for mental health is a great way to keep your mind, body, and spirit in sync with your job. Take time to be with friends and family.

Shoot, even I get tired of being and looking in the same places every day. If you’re bored, you’re not happy. And, one of my best “get happy” remedies is to take a break. (And, no, I don’t mean like the “Ross and Rachel break.”)

Take time off to give your mind and body a rest from what it does normally. Find time to do something different. Learn a new craft. Find a new restaurant. Listen to new music.

Find yourself.

So, next year, let’s hear you say, “I don’t have any vacation days to roll over.”

Once Upon a Time…

Every good story starts with a great beginning. And, all travel adventures should be captured in words and photos. That’s why I like to put pen to paper and keep my thoughts fresh as I’m traveling. There are online and offline ways to do that, but there’s nothing like sitting on the beach, listening to the waves crash on the shore, while you pen your words in your favorite journal.

Here’s a list of some of nicest journals I could find.

Behind Door Number 3…

The new airline rules about luggage are getting out of hand. And out of pocket. Literally. They’re robbing us blind when it comes to luggage and carry on fees.

One option is to carry on, but if you plan on wanting more than a couple of days worth of clothes and essentials, you’re going to need something bigger than will fit under the seat in front of you, or in the overhead bin. Checking luggage can be a crap shoot. I’ve had luggage get transferred to different flights, cities, and even just plain LOST!

Not to mention, that if you are going to check that bag on any flight other than probably, Southwest Airlines, you’re going to need a credit card to pay for it. I think Southwest Airlines still allows 2 checked bags per person, if I’m correct and current on my luggage rules.

There is a new unconventional option that is gaining interest among travelers.

Mailing your luggage to your destination. Hey, business people are mailing packages to their destinations all the time. And, UPS and Fed EX have a much better tracking rate than the airlines.

Check out Luggage Logistics at The UPS Store. They seem to have a pretty good handle on “handling” your baggage.

Hello Travel Buddies!

Through my ramblings on the road, I hope to keep you informed of where I am and what I’m doing. My husband and I travel a lot to the Florida Keys, (he’s a diver and underwater photographer), so you’ll find a lot of information about where we go and pictures of what we’ve done.

I also have grandchildren spread among the country, so I’ll keep you up to date on those trips as well.

And, just for fun, I’ll find links and articles and pictures about my dream vacations. Won’t that be fun to drool over!?!?!

So, bear with me as we start this new blog.

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